Friday, August 21, 2015

Effects of Lycopene on Dental and Oral Health, Denver Dentist Explains

Teeth and Tomatoes Regardless, it pays to make sure tomatoes end up absorbed in your stomach, not on your teeth. This is because bacteria in your mouth can still turn tomato bits and traces of sauce into acidic compounds that could damage a tooth’s enamel (outer surface). Remember to wash it down with water and brush your teeth after meals. More importantly, drop by the office of your Denver dentist regularly for your dental and oral checkup. You can have all the tomato-rich foods you want (in moderation, of course), provided that you follow through with proper oral hygiene. With lycopene taking care of free radicals and proper brushing and flossing dealing with bacteria, the health of your oral cavity can be preserved. Having your teeth checked by a dentist for hidden cavities and the like ensures all-around protection.

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