Monday, February 17, 2014

Understanding the Damon System Offered by Your Denver Orthodontist

Faster, simpler, better-that?s how people want everything in the digital age, and orthodontic treatment is no different. So what's the story behind Damon braces? Are they really faster, simpler, and better? provides some important and enlightening information about this new orthodontic technology offered by your trusted Denver orthodontist, and why there?s so much hype surrounding it.

What are Damon braces?

According to, Damon braces are "an orthodontic treatment that uses self-ligating braces. This means that rather than attaching the arch wire to the brackets with elastic ligatures, the brackets themselves have a component that closes around the wire to keep it attached." When you?re wearing Damon braces, therefore, you will have no obvious elastic ties or wires on your teeth.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Pediatric Dentist in Denver Can Help Kids Take Care of Their Teeth

Children need to be taught at an early age the value of proper and daily dental hygiene. This can save them from future complications that could ruin their teeth for life, such as permanent tooth loss. Fortunately, parents don?t have to face this arduous task alone, since a pediatric dentist from Denver can help educate child patients, as well as treat any early dental problems.

Kids can be reckless to their teeth, especially if their diet consists mostly of sugary foods that could aggravate tooth decay. Even though permanent teeth will eventually replace milk teeth at around age 6, teaching children to take responsibility for their dental health sooner is recommended, to form good oral hygiene habits. Kids can be a handful to train, however, and it will take a great amount of patience and understanding to encourage the young to brush and floss often.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Toothed & Nailed: Installing Good and Secure Dental Implants in Denver

Dental implants are the closest one can get to real teeth, and they make the perfect replacement for a lost tooth or two. Since they can be ?osseointegrated? into a patient?s jaw, they even feel like the real thing, and it can be difficult for others to distinguish implants from natural teeth without close inspection. Patients who want to seamlessly replace gaps in their smile without looking too artificial should consider receiving dental implants from Denver dental offices.

Implants not only look natural, they also feel much better than dentures and bridges. Many patients fitted with implants agree that it?s easier to chew food with this type of dental fixture. Dental implants also help save the gums and the jaw area of a missing tooth. Without a placeholder, both the gums and the bone located in the gap tend to shrink.