Saturday, August 22, 2015

Denver Dentist to Adults: Avoid DIY Orthodontics, Explore Safe Options

A few can be tempted to do the teeth straightening themselves. Although this seems bizarre to a lot of people, it is actually a practice—a concerning one at that—among adults who really want to enhance the appearance of their teeth, but are not willing to spend for proper orthodontic treatment. Some people may resort to buying teeth aligners online (without the supervision of a dentist), while others alarmingly resort to their own devices like using elastic bands to close gaps or move their teeth. This do-it-yourself methods that aim to straighten teeth can be dangerous and could only make one’s dental problems worse. The improvised devices can injure the person’s gums and cause the teeth to move too quickly, forcefully, or awkwardly. This can bring irreparable damage to the oral structures. Instead of affording the risks, adults should consult a Denver dentist with extensive experience and training in orthodontics to explore safe and effective options.

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