Sunday, August 23, 2015

Dental Implants for Denver Athletes and Active Adults: A Great Option

The option of dental implants in Denver as tooth replacement is available for several athletes. Unfortunately, some elderly people and even young ones who have let their missing teeth go untreated for so long may not have the proper jawbone structure for dental implantation; however, athletes and other active individuals who have just recently lost their teeth are more likely to be good candidates for implants. Bone augmentation may be done in some cases. You can replace one teeth with an implant or have dentures anchored with an implant. Since the dental implants will be fixed onto your jaw, you won’t have to endure the possible problems with traditional dentures (e.g. uncomfortably sliding out of place during intense plays, slipping after a sudden movement). This also promotes gum health since the artificial tooth root strengthens your jawbone.

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