Friday, October 11, 2013

On When to Receive Tooth Implants from a Capable Denver Orthodontist

ScienceDaily published an article last April 29, 2013 that followed a breakthrough regarding tooth implants. Scientists from the Universitat Jaume in Castellon, Spain, developed a special coating for implants called Soldent, which could make transplanting them easier on those with bone deficits. The same material could also boost the success rate of the implant's integration into the jaw. This new technology should make once-impossible attempts to graft implants a reality, particularly for those with complications related to their bone strength. However, since this innovation has yet to become mainstream, Colorado residents will have to stick to the traditional procedure and its limitations, which requires durable and stable jaws. Thus, locals should see a knowledgeable Denver orthodontist, like one from the Cody Dental Group, while their teeth are still in fairly good condition.

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