Friday, May 29, 2015

Denver Dentist Discusses Teeth Stains: Causes and Ways to Treat Them

Colors have various meanings depending on the context of where they are used. They are even treated as a language form by some as they convey different messages, stories, or personalities of those who choose or wear them. Colors can symbolize emotions, elements, and a host of other things. They can also have different meanings when they’re observed on your teeth, but instead of deep sentiments and other psychological attributes, they tell you the state of your oral health. When your teeth are pearly white, it is often linked to good oral health. However, when your teeth are stained with other shades, it signals poor oral health and inadequate dental hygiene habits. Why They Happen, How They Look Like A skilled Denver dentist typically spots teeth stains or discolorations in shades of yellow, brown, and black in patients with poor dental hygiene.

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