Saturday, November 2, 2013

Regular Trips to Your Denver Dentist Can Spare You from Heart Disease

"There used to be a time when brushing your teeth, flossing, and going to the office of a skilled Denver dentist was all about maintaining good oral hygiene, nothing more and nothing less. However, recent studies have established a link between good oral hygiene and a healthy heart. Thus, there is now an added benefit to brushing, flossing, and having your teeth and gums checked regularly. Roughly 700 different types of bacteria call your mouth home, and not observing proper oral hygiene allows these bacteria to thrive, according to numerous research projects. Not only do these bacteria cause a bevy of dental illnesses, they also ride down your throat when you swallow, increasing the risk of spreading these bacteria in your body. In fact, one study found that a certain bacteria strain that grows in an unclean mouth, when consumed, can harden and turn into heart plaque, clogging the arteries and causing heart attacks."

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