Friday, September 20, 2013

Women Who Are Heavy Smokers Might Need Dental Implants In Denver

"A study on women past the reproductive age conducted by researchers at the University of Buffalo revealed that they're more prone to periodontal disease, a gum problem caused by bacteria that could lead to tooth loss, reported the Medical News Today at March 5, 2013. Xiaodan Mai, an epidemiology student at UB said that this disease could be linked to cancer development. He explained that smoking is one of the major factors that lead women to gum disease. The study showed that women who are heavy smokers are six times more vulnerable to tooth loss despite the good oral hygiene. Mai also concluded that by publicizing his findings, he could help post-menopausal women to stop smoking as early as possible to maintain their oral health and enjoy a better life. On the other hand, for those who are already experiencing this gum problem can look for dental implants in Denver and other areas. They can go to a reliable dentist like Cody Dental Group to address the issue immediately."

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